South Tyrol's innovation district.

A stimulating surrounding for companies, institutions and the university to collaborate on research and development projects.


We find the lab that fits your needs
We link you to our research facilities to realise innovative projects and develop new products. And South Tyrolean companies even get a bonus.

Our labs are always up and running: to improve energy saving, climate, safety and living comfort; to develop heathier and more easily digestible foodstuff; to automate processes and make life easier; and to help companies invent new products.

We enable partnerships and offer know-how
We offer support and networking in our technology sectors: Green, Food & Health, Digital, Automotive & Automation.

Our core competences lie in the technology sectors: Green, Food & Health, Digital, Automotive & Automation. In these areas, we offer companies and research institutions specialised consultancy, networking, R&D project support, and theme-based events and workshops.

We are counting on you and your business idea.
To solve problems that are now burning up the world and find solutions that will secure our future. You can do that with us at NOI.

In the Start-up Incubator, we offer you services and programmes that will help you turn your idea into reality and get you faster on the road to success.

Our mission is to help you innovate
We guide you on developing new products and services by combining skills, methods and location.

We support companies and start-ups in brainstorming, product development and the innovation process in their day-to-day business. Choose from a wide range of service in innovation management, including support from experts, specific workshops, setting up opportunities for cooperation and matching with start-ups and researchers.

We offer areas and spaces for events, offices and laboratories
We provide offices and experimental laboratories, as well as seminar rooms and event locations.

We provide exclusive, equipped and functional space in our seminar area for companies, associations and public bodies to host their events. We further rent out offices and laboratories as well as areas for prototype and pilot tests.

Our platform for EU-tenders and opportunities
Thanks to EEN, we are the gateway to Europe for innovative companies.

We help you to take advantage of all the opportunities for innovation that Europe offers companies: from financing and proposals for research and development, project consulting and technology transfer to finding international business partners for business, technology and research.

The platform for tourism and mobility
Develop digital solutions based on real data.

We help you develop digital solutions based on real data. 

Open Data Hub is the cross-border digital platform that helps start-ups, companies and research institutes to develop digital solutions based on real data. It connects data from different data providers and makes this data easily available for data consumers. 

The main objective of the Open Data Hub is to enable the development of digital solutions based on real data by expanding the collection and exchange of data at European level, working in the Data Spaces: Mobility, Tourism and Agriculture. 

NOI Techpark is open to the general public
Customised initiatives and events for families, children, students and interested adults.

With initiatives like miniNOI, we introduce children to research and technology in a playful way. Our Cultural programs always interface between science, art and innovation. 
And Guided Tours provide an insight into our structures, innovation processes and research topics.

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Würth FutureTimber Challenge

Are you an innovative company in the field of timber construction and open to new opportunities and collaborations? Then the Würth Italia Challenge is just right for you.

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Fusion Grant

500,000€ available to support young researchers engaged in projects that bring together local businesses and the research world.

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Annual report 2021

Almost 600 R&D projects and 816 customers served - an exciting review of the services offered and used at NOI Techpark in 2021.

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Are you part of a company in South Tyrol? Lab-Bonus helps you co-finance your project by covering lab-costs.

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Guided Tours

Guided tours of our scientific laboratories, services, and infrastructure. 

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