This is NOI.

South Tyrol’s growing innovation district.

This is NOI.

South Tyrol’s growing innovation district.

About us

NOI not only stands for the Nature of Innovation: we live and breathe it. Companies, research institutes and the university work together here to achieve sustainable development.


What moves us. What we research. How we shape the future. See what we are up to. Stay on the ball. 


Our network empowers companies, start-ups, researchers and creatives to develop future-proof ideas and innovative solutions.

Technology Sectors

Where South Tyrol has potential, we want to be the first: Green, Food & Health, Digital, Automotive/Automation. Four technology fields. We focus on knowledge and power.

Solutions and know-how for the energy revolution.

There is an answer: becoming carbon neutral. NOI is part of South Tyrol’s green technology ecosystem. Together we research solutions. Develop marketable products. Test business models. Our companies, start-ups, research institutes and tech transfer professionals work in three core areas: energy systems, sustainable buildings and urban areas, and water technologies.

Innovation for people and the planet.

So much more than food and beverages. We are pioneers in the Food & Health innovation ecosystem. We decode natural processes and ingredients. We recycle by-products. We use biomedical knowledge to develop precision health services. We work with researchers, companies and start-ups on three fronts: Raw Materials & By-Products, Optimal Processing & Fermentation and Omics & Precision Health.

Data as the backbone of a smart green region.

Data already forms the basis for intelligent decisions in transportation, food safety, smart homes and machines. In the future, it will be used autonomously and in real-time to make our lives easier. At NOI, we are creating a digital foundation for smart regions. Our researchers, students and experts are leading the way in three areas: IoT, Open Data Hub and Artificial Intelligence.

Sustainable manufacturing, automotive and mobility solutions

In South Tyrol, industrial companies invest heavily in R&D, with automotive suppliers leading the way. They envision a future where people complement machines, and machines empower people. In other words: sustainable manufacturing, automotive and mobility solutions. The researchers, students and experts work in three areas: Automotive & Mobility, Manufacturing and Agri Automation. Go browse our digital secotr overview.


Always busy? We are too. Our schedule is packed with workshops, lectures, performances and open days. Innovation takes on countless forms. Come and see for yourself!


We are growing. In Bolzano, NOI is thriving on the grounds of a former aluminium factory. In Brunico, NOI is newly born. The model? A campus where many work towards the same goal.