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This is what we are tackling.

Progress is when machines empower people. That is why we develop industrial, automotive and mobility solutions.

Automotive & Mobility

Globally competitive: 800 companies are active in the automotive sector in South Tyrol. Working with us at NOI, they are the driving force behind the development, presentation and application of solutions in the automotive and mobility sectors. We aim to make South Tyrol a model region for testing electromobility, shared mobility, autonomous off-road mobility solutions and last-mile solutions.

Subject Matter Expert | Automotive & Mobility
Andrea Valenari


Automation and robotics – using process design and artificial intelligence, the research teams at NOI promote digital transformation in factories and workshops and on construction sites. Our focus: low-cost manufacturing, adaptive production, ecology and the social aspects of work. The goal: machines that empower people, people that empower machines.

Head of Unit
Johannes Brunner


Farming and forestry in mountainous areas means dealing with scarce land, an adverse environment and hard work. Yet, automation can make life in the mountains easier and safer. This is what we are researching. Our goal is to make South Tyrol a world leader in precision agriculture, smart farming for sowing, breeding and harvesting, and steep terrain robotics. We have centuries of experience.

Subject Matter Expert | Agri-Automation
Jakob Niederbacher