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Food & Health

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Pioneering innovation in food and health. For people and the planet.

Raw Materials & By-Products

High-quality food is made from high-quality ingredients. We identify and improve the origin, nutritional value and functional properties of raw ingredients. We analyse, extract and stabilise bioactive substances from by-products. From this, we create new formulations for food supplements and plant fortifiers. The most important question: Have we used every part?

Subject Matter Expert | Raw Materials & By-Products
Marina Pünsch

Optimal Processing & Fermentation

We research how raw materials and ingredients can be gently preserved and effectively processed. We are interested in processes that activate the organoleptic and health-promoting properties of food. At NOI, the focus is on fermentation. This age-old preservation method is the future of the food industry – improving taste, consistency and nutritional value.

Subject Matter Expert | Optimal Processing & Fermentation
Sandra Fleischmann

Omics & Precision Health

Molecular biology is our strong suit. We analyse and improve molecular mechanisms, organoleptic properties and the nutritional value of food. Genetics, lifestyle, environment – every person absorbs nutrients differently. With biomedical know-how, we develop demonstrably healthy foods. This opens up opportunities for modern precision medicine.

Subject Matter Expert | Omics & Precision Health
Julia Pisoni