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I would like to 

Get financing 

Big plans but little money. We do not want this to be the reason you fail. We make our know-how and connections available to you.

What do you need? That is the question we start with.

R&D, communication, market entry? Where are you falling short? We will assess your start-up’s innovativeness, market potential and barriers to entry. Based on this assessment, we build a financing strategy together. In short: we offset lab costs, explore EU funding, look for private investors and tap into state and national funds. You do not even have to be in our Start-up Incubator.


Who to ask? We know who will invest in your business.

Lab Bonus

The first hurdle: R&D. The cost. A deterrent? Often, yes. That is why NOI offers the Lab Bonus. If all goes well, the province of South Tyrol will cover 65 per cent of your laboratory costs at NOI. We will help you apply. Do not be deterred.

Public Funding

R&D, production and administrative expenses. But still staying liquid. Does the idea make your head spin? Public funding can help. But where should you look? How do you fill out the applications? And what are the deadlines? Does anyone know how it works? Yes. We do.

Private Funding

Business Angels, Venture Capital. These investors exist. But where? Use our network. We can sense who might be a good match for you. Most importantly, we organise business pitch events. This is your chance to convince people.

EU Funding

Is South Tyrol too small for you? Leave it to us. We see the big picture. And get our information from the source. This is how we pave the way to European funding. We will help get your project off the ground.