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Get to know the main research areas at NOI

Food. Energy. Digital. Automation & Mobility. At NOI, researchers offer new perspectives on the world. Spurred on by companies.

Four fields of technology, strengthening South Tyrol’s core competencies.

We want to be at the forefront of every area where South Tyrol has potential. To keep the world a place worth living in. Where prosperity becomes sustainable, and innovation creates value for people and businesses. In concrete terms, we conduct R&D in four technology sectors: Green, Food & Health, Digital and Automotive/Automation. Hundreds of researchers from all over the world have joined us already. They work with companies and start-ups on R&D projects.

We want to be at the forefront of every area where South Tyrol has potential. To keep the world a place worth living …
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We focus on four technology sectors. Who is active where?

Green: Providing solutions and know-how for the energy revolution. We have big goals.

There is an answer: becoming carbon neutral. NOI is part of South Tyrol’s green technology ecosystem. Together we research solutions. Develop marketable products. Test business models. Our companies, start-ups, research institutes and tech transfer professionals work in three core areas: energy systems, sustainable buildings and urban areas, and water technologies.

Food & Health: Innovation for people and the planet.

So much more than food and beverages. We are pioneers in the Food & Health innovation ecosystem. We decode natural processes and ingredients. We recycle by-products. We use biomedical knowledge to develop precision health services. We work with researchers, companies and start-ups on three fronts: raw materials & by-products, optimal processing & fermentation and omics & precision health.

Digital: Building the backbone of a smart green region. With secure data.

Smooth transportation, safe food, smart homes and machines: data is already providing the basis for intelligent decisions. And in the future, it will be used autonomously and in real-time to make our lives easier. At NOI, we are creating a digital foundation for smart regions. Our researchers, students and tech transfer experts are leading the way in three areas: IoT, Open Data Hub and Artificial Intelligence.

Automotive | Automation: Progress is when people and machines complement each other.

Industrial companies are responsible for the majority of R&D investment in South Tyrol. Leading the way: automotive suppliers. They share a vision of the future in which people complement machines, and machines empower people. In other words: sustainable manufacturing, automotive and mobility solutions. The researchers, students and tech transfer experts work in three areas: Automotive & Mobility, Manufacturing and Agri Automation.