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What criteria do I have to meet to participate in the Incubation Programme?

Only start-ups that have already been founded or start-ups that will be founded within 3 months after admission and that have their legal and operational seat in South Tyrol can be formally admitted to the Start-up Incubation Programme. Ideally, your start-up should already have its products/services on the market or at least be close to the market launch. We expect the projects presented to be of an innovative nature and to include technological aspects.

Can I apply more than once?

Of course you can! If you are not accepted into the programme and you have improved your business idea, you can apply to the Start-up Incubator again. Our Call4Start-ups takes place twice a year (spring and autumn).

Can I apply for the Incubation Programme if I am currently participating or planning to participate in another accelerator programme?

Yes, absolutely!



How long will I have access to the services of the Incubation Programme?

If you are accepted into the Incubation Programme, you will sign a service contract with us that will give you access to our services for a period of 3 years.

We have been working on our project for some time. Is the Incubation Programme the right choice for us?

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss the suitability of our programme: incubator@noi.bz.it

When will I hear if my application has been selected?

Our selection process consists of two stages: You will be notified if you have been pre-selected to pitch to our admissions committee within approximately one month of the close of the call. The admissions committee usually meets within six weeks of the call closing. Once you have pitched to the committee, you will be notified immediately of the decision.

How often does your Call4Start-ups take place?

Our Call4Start-ups for admission to the Incubation Programme runs twice a year, in spring and autumn. You can apply at any time when the call is open. If you would like to be notified when future calls open, please sign up here.


Finanzierung & Fördermittel

Will I receive funding as part of the Incubation Programme?

You will not receive any funding from us, nor will we take any share of your start-up. However, we will help you become investor ready, and we can also help you access public and private funding. For provincial and national public funding, we can inform and assist you and for European funding, we have a dedicated department (EU Opportunities) that will work with you to find the right thematic funding and partnerships at European level. For private funding, we can put you in touch with our network of private investors.


Start-up Incubator Services

What services can I take advantage of?

There are many services we offer within the Start-up Incubator. They can be broadly categorised into six areas:

  • Tailored 1:1 Guidance: ongoing 1:1 guidance with an assigned Start-up Incubator team member.

  • Business Reviews & Performance Analyses: a 360° screening of your start-up to identify needs and challenges, and to define a roadmap with strategic and operational milestones. Based on this, we know how best to support you and make your business thrive sustainably.

  • Funding: we will help you define your start-up's funding strategy and assist you in finding public and private funding.

  • Coaching/Mentoring & Training: customised and targeted coaching with subject matter experts. Strategic exchange with mentors, various academies on specific start-up-relevant topics.

  • Space: includes access to flexible workspaces in the NOI, various seminar areas, offices, labs, makerspace, and meeting rooms.

  • Networking: means being part of our community, having access to various networking events, and receiving support in finding strategic partnerships.

Can I rent an office as an incubated start-up?

Yes, it is possible to rent an office at the NOI Techpark for € 9.50 / month / square metre. We have offices of different sizes to suit your specific needs.

Can I access the services of the Start-up Incubator without being incubated?

No, the services are reserved for start-ups that are formally admitted to our Incubation Programme.

Do I have to pay for the services?

Participation in the Incubation Programme includes a service fee of € 1,400 per year.

Can I also just rent an office?

Yes, this is possible. If you want to come to the NOI as an innovative company, you can request and get an office for € 11 + € 5 deposit / month / square metre. However, the innovative nature of the activity is important.

Who can I contact for more information?

We are happy to hear from you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions: incubator@noi.bz.it