Thirteen labs for all technological fields at NOI.

Three faculties of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano are present at NOI: Engineering, Economics and Management, and Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences.

The scope of action: applied research commissioned by companies.

Founded in 1997, the university centres its research and teaching on the environment, the economy, society, and technological innovation. The institution places great importance on interdisciplinary collaboration and interaction with local companies. Research is conducted in NOI’s four technology fields: Renewable Energies, Food Technologies, Digitalisation and Automation.


Where innovation is on the curriculum: the university at NOI.

Agroforestry Innovations Lab

Do you want to automate agricultural processes? Minimise environmental impacts? Our know-how: biosystem technology for working in the mountains.

Bioenergy & Biofuels

We characterise biofuels, catalysts and residues and optimise biomass-based energy production processes. For pilot plants as well as for large-scale plants.

Building Physics

Buildings that are comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient? A matter of thermo-physics. We analyse the energy performance and dynamics of building envelopes and services.

Field Robotics Lab

In the FIRST Lab, we develop and test robots and technologies for monitoring, inspection and automation on slopes, rivers, lakes, ice and snow.

Human-Centred Technologies and Machine Intelligence Lab 

We research methods and develop technologies for embodied artificial intelligence. Our aim? To discover innovative and ethically acceptable solutions.

Food Technology

We conduct research in the field of food processes and technologies. Our objective is to extract compounds with a high nutritional value from production waste and reuse them.

Laboratory of NMR-Spectroscopy

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Quite the mouthful. But it is THE method for determining the origin of agricultural products and characterising new substances.


In six laboratories with pilot plants, we produce fermented foods and investigate the transformation process of baked goods, dairy products, fruit and vegetables.


The laboratory for contract research and consulting in the field of wine production and alcoholic beverage production technologies..

Sensor System Technologies

We research solutions for the collection of monitoring data. Our aim: technology, devices and sensors that are fast, autonomous and affordable.

Smart Data Factory

Are you facing a mountain of data? We specialise in the collection, processing and automated and smart analysis of complex data.

Smart Mini Factory

Industry 4.0: in the Smart Mini Factory, we promote, organise and support knowledge transfer between research and companies. We are a learning factory laboratory.

Thermo Fluid Dynamics Lab

Targeted simulation: how can gases and liquids flow more effectively in industrial processes? We focus on hydropower production, biomass gasification and energy conversion.

Center on Family Business Management

The centre is part of the business faculty and is tailored to the needs of SMEs. It conducts interdisciplinary research on the organisation, strategy processes, innovation, and succession and business outcomes of family-run SMEs.

Faculty of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences

Our research focuses on advancing automation in Alpine agriculture and forestry, increasing the quality and nutritional value of food and developing environmental technologies. Our interdisciplinary approach sets us apart.

Faculty of Economics and Management

Family Business Management is a hot topic for South Tyrol’s SMEs. The Center on Family Business Management, located at NOI, researches matters related to organisation, innovation and succession in family-owned companies.

Faculty of Engineering

In 2024, the Faculty of Engineering will be expanding into new fields of study, including Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Automation and Energy Engineering. At NOI, students actively engage in research.