What the lab researches

Smart Data Factory

We can see through mountains of data and make complex data smart.

With data management and data science, we deliver innovative data solutions.

The Smart Data Factory offers consulting and technology transfer in the field of data processing and data science. The service is primarily aimed at companies and organisations: together with researchers from the Faculty of Computer Science at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, we develop innovative solutions for the collection, processing and automated smart analysis of complex, extensive and heterogeneous data.

Optimised software at the cutting edge: that is our guiding principle.

As part of our support services for companies and corporations, SDF’s IT experts analyse and test existing software to improve its quality and adapt it to current circumstances:
 • We check the software architecture, among other things, in preparation for cloud migration.
 • We evaluate software development processes.
 • We support our partners in planning special applications tailored to user needs.
 • We provide scientific support to customers who design and create prototypes of intelligent systems for data acquisition, integration, processing and automated analysis. This includes, for example, recommendation systems, decision-support systems and systems based on time-space data.

Consulting and training for companies and freelancers: know-how transfer is the norm for us.

We offer regular advanced training courses and advice for freelancers and companies who want to bring their IT competencies up to date or acquire expertise on current topics such as the monitoring and diagnosis of software systems, the prototyping and development of intelligent systems or the ontology-based management and analysis of data, processes and knowledge.

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Your advantage

Are you facing a mountain of data? We specialise in the collection and ‘smart’ analysis of complex data, i.e. we test and evaluate existing software, advise on the development of intelligent systems and prepare software architecture for cloud migration. Tell us what you need. We can come up with a smart IT solution.

The core tools

Our strengths are computer architecture, machine learning and artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction and system design. We use these to build solutions for companies.

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