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Sensor System Technology Lab

Smart and highly sensitive: our solutions for sensor systems.

The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and Eurac Research: the best of both worlds.

Sensor System Technologies (SST) is a laboratory jointly run by the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (Sensing Technologies Lab) and Eurac Research (Center for Sensing Solutions). Our research teams develop technologies, build devices and sensors and design integrated solutions for collecting monitoring data.

Devices, analysis, integrated applications: we explore the world of data collection.

Devices, analysis and integrated applications: we explore the world of data collection.
Here is an overview of our main services:
• We realise and characterise devices based on printing and microfabrication technologies: sensors, actuators, batteries, energy collectors and conditioning electronics.
• We incorporate these electronic components into integrated solutions.
• We develop applications for accessing, analysing and exchanging data. 

SST researchers focus on the environment, precision agriculture and the IoT.

We work in three research lines: Materials and Devices Platform, Systems Platform and Data Platform.
We make our analytical tools and solutions available for research, public administration and companies, including for use in environmental monitoring, the Internet of Things (IoT) and precision agriculture. We aim to provide the best solution regarding feasibility, timing, price budget and outcome.
In particular, the Sensing Technologies Lab at unibz is developing new types of sensors that use nanotechnology to reduce sensor size:
• Flexible Bio-nano Sensors (printed)
• Energy Harvesting and Storage
Eurac Research's Center for Sensing Solutions specialises in the management of the entire DATA LIFE CYCLE. It offers customised technological solutions in two main areas: Monitoring technologies (instrumentation) and development of web applications and services for data analysis and information exchange:
• Sensing Technologies
• Data Infrastructure and Service

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Your advantage

We are driven by our ambition to provide fast, autonomous and affordable solutions.

The core tools

Small, smart and ultra-sensitive: we are practically a data detective agency, with systems for chemical vapour deposition, gloveboxes, atomic force and light microscopes, ultrasound devices, probe stations, spectroradiometers and RGB chambers, among others. Is there something else you are looking for? Talk to us!

Our services

We develop complete sensor systems, from sophisticated monitoring technology to data management in customised web applications. The sensors we develop use nanotechnology. This is how we gradually improve the entire data life cycle.

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