What the lab researches

Fruit and Vegetable Processing

We make fruit and vegetable products shelf-stable and durable.

New processing methods lead to better and safer food.

Our research team focuses on improving the quality and safety of food. This mainly concerns products derived from the processing of fruit and vegetables. We want to continuously improve food processing procedures and shelf life. For this purpose, pilot plants are used for homogenisation (also under high pressure), low-temperature drying and the production of juices and purees. The chemical/physical and microbiological stability of the food, as well as the thermo-physical and mechanical properties of the individual ingredients and end products, are also investigated.

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Your advantage

We optimise production processes so that food naturally has a longer shelf life. This increases quality and reduces costs.

The key tool

Our systems are pressurised: we test homogenisation and drying processes in the laboratory under operating conditions.

Our services

In this lab, we test under operating conditions. Our latest successes: naturally preserved chestnut puree and beetroot and apple juice.

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Food & Health


Laimburg Research Centre

Research focus

Pilot plants

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