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A better world is growing at NOI. 52 labs await. Green, Food & Health, Digital, Automotive & Automation: where will you get involved?

Lab Desk & Lab Bonus

We provide labs for joint research, contract research, analysis and lab tests. Need help? Ask the Lab Desk! Is it a question of money? Benefit from the Lab Bonus! It makes R&D affordable.

Maker Space

This workshop is where prototypes and small series are born. You do the work yourself. Wood, metal, textiles, electronics: we have the machines you need. This is where you bring your ideas to life.

Kitchen Lab

Develop something new. Produce food. Improve functional properties. The Kitchen Lab is a test kitchen. You can work on your own – or you can book the equipment with service and support from experts.

Free Software Lab

The lab where you test and develop digital technologies. We believe in the future of open technologies: Open Standard, Open Data, Free Open Source Software. Of course, the lab is also open to you.

Tech Transfer

New things are created when research knowledge is shared. Tech transfer at NOI means: we collect your tasks – you tap into our know-how.

Networking & Cooperation

Our vision: open and participative innovation for a future where companies, research institutes and universities are dynamically networked. We pave the way for collaboration.

R&D Consulting

Research & development. A formula that unleashes potential. We support you in your projects – turning science into technological progress. A win-win situation for you and us.

Know-how Transfer Events

Open Innovation thrives on the transfer of knowledge between companies and researchers. Trends, best practices and legal issues: we share our know-how to you in events, workshops and study trips.

Sustainability Assessment

Together, we assess the sustainability performance of your company. We analyse, evaluate and define goals. And develop a tailor-made action plan that will improve your company's agility. 

Start-up Incubator

Tackle problems that trouble the world. Find solutions that secure the future. Join us at NOI. We believe in your business idea.

Inventors & Pre-Incubation Programme

Is your business idea in the early stages? Are you working on a new product? Then our Inventors & Pre-Incubation Programme is for you. We will support you for six months. Apply today!

Incubation Programme

Have you founded your start-up, but things are moving too slowly for you? Do you want to step up your game? In the Incubation Programme, we help you to attract more investments and generate more turnover.

Innovation Management

Our mission? Bringing innovation to your company with our know-how and methods. Develop something new with us – even groundbreaking.

Alpha Innovation

A radical new start. But not from zero. That is how you get groundbreaking innovation. Alpha Innovation supports companies through the fog of possibilities and onto the path of concrete opportunities.

Pi Innovation

Making ideas tangible. Improving products. That is what Pi Innovation at NOI stands for. The service structures innovation in five steps: explore, create, prototype, validate and business modelling.

Students Sprint

Pressure to innovate? Bring together knowledge from within the company with ideas from students. We work together on innovation projects. Experts support the teams. What problem do you want to solve?

Start-up Match

It's matchmaking in the entrepreneurial sense. We bring established companies together with start-ups. We know from experience that a successful partnership takes place in four steps. Want to know more?

Area & Spaces

We create space for your ideas. Whether a lab, seminar room or office, you can rent a space and become part of NOI.

Rental Spaces

We are constantly growing. Companies and start-ups can rent offices from us and use labs for prototype and pilot tests. So you can work in peace. And, of course, you gain access to places to network.

Seminar Area

Conferences, workshops, corporate meetings – let the sparks fly. Plan your next event at NOI. Choose from among four seminar rooms. You can trust that there will be space for big ideas.

EU Opportunities

Do you want to broaden your horizons? We tap into the EU networks through B2B matching events and the Europe-wide EEN database. We will help you find the right partner.

EU Funding

We keep an eye on the big picture. And get our information from the source. This is how we help you gain access to European funding and launch your project with confidence.

EU Partnering

Do you want to broaden your horizons? We tap into the EU networks through B2B matching events and the Europe-wide EEN database. We will help you find the right partner.

Open Data Hub

What makes data valuable? When it is used. That is why we collect, share and make data visible in the Open Data Hub. For you.

Data Visualisation

Do you have a digital product in mind? Are you pondering formats, algorithms, licences and technologies? Our team and a network of experts can help. All you have to do is let us in on your IT project.

Data Access

Are you developing software, digital products or tourism portals? Our Open Data Hub provides up-to-date data in real time. You can access it freely. Just follow the technical instructions and demos.

Data Sharing

Sharing with third parties? Make use of the Open Data Hub’s know-how.
Digital products, services, apps: the ICT market is hungry for new data. Our team helps you make data available.

Public Engagement

Jargon, formulas, data... we want everyone to understand what is happening at NOI. Check out what we are up to: events, workshops and tours.


Explore the world, discover science. We turn children and teens into curious adults. Research comes alive in seminars and interactive workshops.

Arts & Culture

Science and art. At NOI, they become contemporary culture. Concerts and performances take place in the park and the open-air theatre. The theme? Tech, innovation and sustainability. Check it out!


Energy and concentration. That is what NOISE is about. An open space in NOI's Black Monolith. Where people meet, work and learn. With Wi-Fi, tables and international magazines. Free of charge for all.