Lab Desk & Lab Bonus

Develop something new. Let us find you the right lab. Lab Bonus included.

Our Lab Desk: your first stop for research and development at NOI.

Research put to profitable use. This is what we want for you. At NOI, we have 52 high-tech laboratories at your disposal. Our research teams develop scientific solutions for companies. Together, we improve existing products and create the basis for marketable new products.
For us, the work begins with planning at the Lab Desk. To ensure that your research and development project gets off to a successful start, we work through these three steps with you:

  • We analyse your company’s needs and requirements.

  • We arrange an initial meeting with the lab that will support you in the project.

  • We provide you and your team with ongoing support and help with project follow-up.

Hubris is not our way. We know our limits. If our facilities do not fully cover your research needs, we will connect you with regional and international partners.

We open doors in four technology fields: Green, Food & Health, Digital and Automotive | Automation. 

Our labs specialise in four technology fields: Green, Food, Digital and Automotive/Automation. They are accessible to companies and start-ups for joint research, contract research, analyses, laboratory tests and scientific consulting.

Specifically, the labs work to improve energy efficiency, climate, safety and living comfort; to develop healthy and wholesome food; to find new software solutions; to automate processes in companies and on construction sites. In the Maker Space and two prototype labs in the digital and food areas, you can even construct your own models or commission us to implement your idea.

Confused? At the Lab Desk, we are happy to answer your questions. Even ones about the budget.

The Lab Bonus: This fund makes research and development affordable.

Every company should be able to afford research and development. That is why we have introduced the Lab Bonus. A quick and unbureaucratic funding instrument designed by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano to support South Tyrolean companies' research and development. It is managed by us at NOI. And we are happy to discuss how you can reduce your company’s innovation costs. This way, you can discover NOI’s full potential for your company right away.
Use the Lab Bonus for:

  • Contract research

  • Analyses and laboratory tests

  • Scientific consultations in our technology fields: Green, Food & Health, Digital and Automotive/ Automation

  • The Open Lab offerings (independent use of expensive lab equipment)

If you are a South Tyrolean company, you can take advantage of the Lab Bonus, irrespective of company size or corporate form. The Lab Bonus covers 50 to 65 per cent of your expenses (depending on the size of your company). You can save up to approximately 10,000 euros per year.
The deadline for applications is always 15 December. The processing of applications for the new year begins on the first Monday after 6 January.

It is possible to submit applications every year until 15 December. Processing of applications for the new year starts on the first Monday after Epiphany.

Are you interested in the Lab Bonus? Contact our Lab Desk:

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