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I would like to 

Dare to innovate 

Our mission? Innovation for your business. Something radically new. Allowing you to leave the competition behind and enter uncharted territory.

A radical new start. From the fuzzy front end. We are at the starting line.

Alpha represents beginnings. And indeed, for any successful innovation process, it is essential to start at the beginning. To use technical jargon: at the ‘fuzzy front end’, where all the paths in the fog of possibilities are still open. This is where NOI’s Alpha Innovation method comes in. We guide companies through the fog of possibilities onto the path of concrete opportunities. With tried and tested tools, the knowledge of 900 experts, and secure AI and databases.

Alpha represents beginnings. And indeed, for any successful innovation process, it is essential to start at the …
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Alpha Innovation: Our three-step method for structured innovation.

Discover Opportunities. Identify and understand unimagined possibilities.

Does it feel like everything is in a state of flux? Forget about drifting in the current. Be the current! At NOI, we have the power to do so. We have the knowledge and experience of 900 scientists at our disposal. We scout new technologies and trends every day to identify risks and opportunities early on. The instrument that determines the direction is the Alpha Innovation Radar. It assesses companies’ opportunities to pave the way to innovation. The signals are there. Your job is to receive them.

Create Ideas. Develop radically new ideas. Across the board.

Radically new ideas for products, services and business models. That means: developing ideas openly and cross-functionally. We tailor all our idea-generating tools to the needs of your company. In workshops and web-based Alpha Innovation Challenges, we refresh your team’s creative potential: with start-ups, students, researchers and experts. All of a sudden, you can see new ways forward.

Support Decision-Making. Make sustainable decisions. Four factors help.

Which ideas will allow your company to progress? At some point, you have to decide. Even though there are many unknowns, following your gut instinct is not the answer. Together we will assess which ideas have promise. In the end, there are four deciding factors: Is it affordable? Technically possible? Environmentally friendly? Marketable? At the end of the process, you will be ready to find the sweet spot: the optimal decision.