Innovation Management

Alpha Innovation

Hello and welcome to the realm of possibilities. 

Let's transcend established patterns and conventional strategies. Let's venture into the unknown and its abundant possibilities – into the future.

As the first letter of the Greek alphabet, Alpha represents beginnings – the first step of a journey to something completely new. It represents an unwritten chapter, a blank page – an invitation to radical change. This is the very reason our innovation method is called Alpha Innovation. As you set out on this journey, you find yourself enveloped in a thick fog, a bewildering haze that, while initially disorienting, conceals immense potential. When nothing is clear and all options remain open, you are free to follow several lines of thought and consider all the possibilities – even those that may (currently) seem beyond your imagination. 

This is exactly where Alpha Innovation comes in: we eliminate ambiguity and steer your company through the fog of possibilities to the path of concrete opportunities. With our structured and systematic approach, Alpha Innovation serves as a beacon. A springboard for ideas. An incubator for decision-making. 

Three steps for radical innovation

Our innovation management team guides your company through the process in three steps:

  1. Discover Opportunities: dentify and understand unimagined possibilities.

  2. Create Ideas: develop radically new ideas.

  3. Make Decisions: commit to a sustainable way forward.

We employ systematic tools and leverage a vast network of around 1,200 experts at NOI Techpark. We supplement their knowledge by bringing external specialists into the project as needed.

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