Eurac Research, the Laimburg Research Centre, Fraunhofer Italia

Future-oriented and sustainable: the projects of the three research institutes and competence centres at NOI.

Who is researching what? Take a closer look at the institutes.

Eurac Research, the Laimburg Research Centre, Fraunhofer Italia. They create the framework for research at NOI through their various perspectives: Green, Food & Health, Digital and Automotive/Automation. Thus covering NOI’s four technology fields. The research institutes, in collaboration with the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, oversee 47 labs to promote innovation for a better world.

The individual research institutes

Specialised competencies for a common goal: innovation.

EURAC RESEARCH. The largest research centre.

Eurac Research conducts research at NOI in the fields of Green Energy, Environmental Monitoring Technologies, Climate Simulation, Biomedicine and Mummy Research. The private research centre’s driving force: Innovation is what people need.

One hundred of Eurac Research’s 400 researchers work at NOI. The mutual stimulation of companies, crafts, science and culture is the focus of its research activity.

Eurac Research operates 14 R&D labs at NOI. Four institutes are located here, dedicated to Renewable Energy, Alpine Emergency Medicine, Mummy Research and, most recently, Biomedicine. The cutting-edge facilities, including the extreme climate simulator terraXcube, provide unparalleled opportunities for research and industry. The possibilities range from advances in high-altitude medicine and outdoor apparel to technology stress tests on mountain equipment such as snowcats and snow cannons.

FRAUNHOFER ITALIA. Robotics and more for SMEs.

Fraunhofer Italia specialises in applied research for small and medium-sized enterprises. The teams work in the field of automation & mechatronics and optimise business models and planning processes in construction and industrial sectors.
Fraunhofer Italia, like its German counterpart Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, is a non-profit research institute. The researchers bring digitalisation to companies in the manufacturing, craft and construction industries. The goal is to convert scientific knowledge into customised solutions.
The subject areas? Automation, robotics, machine learning, machine vision, intelligent sensor technology, agricultural mechatronics and SmartHomes. In the construction sector, Fraunhofer Italia focuses on integrated planning, lean construction, BIM and AR/VR. Additionally, the institute assists companies and institutions in developing innovative business models in the digitalisation field.


Agriculture and food. The Laimburg Research Centre conducts applied research in these areas. The goal: to make South Tyrol’s agriculture competitive and sustainable and to ensure the quality of the products.

The Laimburg Research Centre is South Tyrol’s leading research institute for food quality. More than 150 employees work on 350 research and experimental projects for the agriculture sector every year.
The laboratory for flavours and metabolites has been located at NOI Techpark since 2018; it researches food quality and plant health. Together with unibz, Laimburg operates the NMR laboratory, where the origins of agricultural products are tested and authenticated. A large part of the research in the food sector takes place directly at the Laimburg Research Centre as an external branch of NOI’s Food technology field.