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The Start-up Incubator at NOI is one of the leading start-up centres in Europe. In three years, you can refine your business model.

"The NOI community inspires boldness and provides security."

Do you have a start-up and want to take things up a notch? Check out the Start-up Incubator at NOI. Our objective is to provide services so you can generate investments and turnover. In our community, you will meet business owners who want to coach you and invest. Researchers, students and start-up entrepreneurs just like you will give feedback on your ideas. Events promote exchange.

Do you have a start-up and want to take things up a notch? Check out the Start-up Incubator at NOI. Our objective is to …
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The prospect of success. That is our starting point. How do we identify it? We look at how your team works and whether your idea is future-oriented, and we evaluate the market potential and your financing strategy. We do not raise false hopes. We promote business models.


Ready for the Start-up Incubator? How to bring your start-up into play.

Our Call for Start-ups:

Twice a year, the doors to the Start-up Incubator will open - this is your chance to apply!

You will go through two selection phases:

In phase one, we focus on formalities: Is your application complete? Is your motivation letter compelling? Is your business plan ready? Who is on your team? Most importantly: Are you already a start-up? And: Are you based in South Tyrol?

A stress test for your start-up. In round two, things get real. Is your presentation convincing?

Are all your documents complete? Great, on to round two. Now you need to be on top form: Time to present your start-up to the selection committee. First, we look at the person who wants to conquer the market with their start-up. Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Then we check your idea’s innovativeness, market potential and financing strategy. Do you have what it takes?

Well done! You’re in the start-up community. You can count on us for three years.

Time to get to work. Through workshops, seminars and personalised training, we support you in developing a competitive company. We put you in touch with potential partners and find ways to get you financing. Get into the NOI groove: in the coworking spaces, the labs, at the community bar and in the palm garden. Innovation is everywhere.

Keep an eye out: check the submission deadline. Review the criteria. Get going. The world needs bold start-ups.


Three years in the Start-up Incubator. How to make the most of them.

Start-up Performance Analysis

We will assess your start-up’s strengths and weaknesses. We also analyse the market and highlight opportunities and risks. This allows us to better identify your needs, define possible milestones – and understand how we can best help you achieve them.

Academies & Trainings

We regularly offer our start-ups workshops and academies on relevant topics with a variety of experts. This way you can exchange ideas and work on different topics together with experts and the other start-ups.

Coaching & Mentoring

Targeted coaching and mentoring sessions with entrepreneurs, experts and investors: Benefit from their expertise and market knowledge. And their network.

Networking & Community

Stop brooding by yourself. We connect you with strategic partners and our investor network. And we integrate you into the NOI community.

Space for start-ups

We offer 2,700m² of offices, labs and meeting rooms. Our campus is constantly growing. And offers lots of opportunities to get in touch with each other: in the community bar, the kitchenettes, the palm garden or the piazza.

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