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The European Digital Innovation Hub at NOI

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Artificial intelligence to optimise processes, products and services. As part of the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) network and the primary contact point for EDIH in South Tyrol, we help your company maintain its digital edge – and become (even) more competitive. Our offerings encompass expertise, services and access to laboratories, along with financing and funding guidance. We also provide training sessions and workshops for your staff. Would you like to integrate artificial intelligence into your company’s workflow and production processes? Let’s get started! 

How can we support you?

Our focus is on artificial intelligence and related application areas, as well as AI-based technologies (e.g. Internet of Things, data hubs, 3D technologies and robotics). As part of the EDIH initiative, we offer a range of services to support, accelerate and optimise your company’s innovation process:


Do you have an innovative product that you would like to further develop or validate before taking the big leap into the market? We offer technical audits to assess your project’s readiness level. 

Our labs offer a wide range of testing and inspection services, including some with accredited procedures.

For tests that require real-world conditions on a larger scale, you can use the test sites in our broad network – such as Eurac Research’s photovoltaic system testing site at Bolzano Airport or LIDO, the open-air laboratory for fruit cultivation and viticulture at the Laimburg Research Centre.


Customised training programmes lead to highly qualified staff: our workshops and courses ensure that your employees have the skills to support, shape and promote your company’s digital transformation. 


In addition to well-trained staff, innovation projects also require time – and money. With our strong network and extensive experience, we can help your company access funding and financing opportunities at the regional, national and European levels. 


Through effective technology transfer and access to Europe-wide networks, we actively promote collaboration between the research and business sectors – facilitating the digital transition for companies of all sizes. 

These are the services you can access through the EDIH initiative here at NOI:

The first steps, planning, support

Each innovation project is as unique as the company that wants to implement it.

As such, our EDIH services are meticulously coordinated in direct collaboration with our partners. If you have any questions or would like to tackle a specific project, please contact your professional association. They will connect you with the appropriate partners and provide continuous support throughout the project. 

During our initial consultation, you will share the details of your project with us. Together, we will assess your company’s current digital status and identify the services that could benefit your project and your business as a whole. 

Do you have any questions?

Our partners

EDIH has a vast network of partners at NOI Techpark, including a university, research institutes, competence centres and professional and industry associations. A total of 13 partners from both the research and business spheres pool their expertise, provide specialists and offer subsidised services to support your company in implementing AI: