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Open Data Hub

Data Sharing

Sharing with third parties? Use the know-how of the Open Data Hub.

Data is a social creature. It works best when used by many.

Digital products, services and apps: the ICT market is constantly looking for new data. This increases the pressure on data providers to make their data capital accessible and support the growth of the ICT market. This not only concerns institutions and their IT suppliers but also public structures and private companies.
Our team helps by providing clearly delineated data in 'data silos'. With machine-readable, open and standardised interfaces. We make this extensive technological know-how available in the Open Data Hub.

An area-wide network of sensors provides data on South Tyrol’s traffic, tourism and weather.

Strong broadband connections, a comprehensive network of sensors and the spread of the IoT throughout South Tyrol make it possible to collect vast amounts of data on public transport, tourism, traffic and weather.

The data providers in the Open Data Hub include:
• Alperia, with its own data on the electric filling station network
• HGV (Hoteliers and Innkeepers Association of South Tyrol), IDM South Tyrol and LTS (Provincial Association of Tourism Organisations of South Tyrol), with data on the hospitality industry and tourism
• STA (Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG), with data on mobility in South Tyrol
• The Province of Bozen-Bolzano, with a variety of open data sets on areas such as weather and air quality

When you contribute data to the Open Data Hub, you become part of our community – with all the benefits that entails:
• You gain greater visibility for your data.
• You make a name for yourself as a provider of important data (for example, on our website or at events where the Open Data Hub is represented).
• You have access to a state-of-the-art infrastructure to publish your data.
• The publication of the data is documented.
• You get access to a web component store with demo apps.
• Our help desk deals with enquiries and problems.
• You benefit from statistical analysis of data consumption.
• Incorrect data in the data sets is reported by members of our community.

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