Innovation Management

Students Sprint

Training for students, ideas for companies. A model that thrives.

In a hurry to innovate? With us, companies and students sprint together to find solutions.

A sprint of innovation. We combine knowledge from within the company with ideas from students and together create innovation projects. At NOI, we have developed two services for this.

Event format or on-demand format: which one matches your needs?

The event format takes place twice a year on fixed dates and brings together various companies with interdisciplinary teams from the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. Together they solve innovation tasks proposed by the participating companies.
The on-demand format is a tailored offer for companies. The advantage? It starts as soon as a company registers an innovation project, allowing you to determine the schedule and the innovation process according to your company’s needs. We then assemble a team of students from different disciplines and universities to tackle each task.

We are convinced that tomorrow’s solutions are created collectively.

Give it a try and push boundaries by leveraging experience from outside the industry. Trust that tomorrow’s solutions are created collectively.
With the Students Sprint, we aim to create a win-win situation. The students immerse themselves in the working world, while companies get a glimpse into the opportunities offered by fresh minds and the modern consumer. Our experts and researchers accompany the teams and guarantee professional support and solid results.

Read about the last edition in our magazine article!

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