What the lab researches

Bioenergy & Biofuels

What characterises a fuel and how well does 'bio' burn?

Our approach: energy as a cycle. We optimise processes for generating energy from biomass.

We research fuel characterisation and process optimisation, using traditional combustion technologies as well as innovative processes such as pyrolysis and gasification. The applications include pilot or full-scale plants for district heating and combined heat and power generation. Our research teams analyse wood biomass and biofuels using experimental techniques based on the latest standards:
• Moisture analysis
• Ash analysis
• Elemental analysis (CHNS/O)
• Calorimetric analysis
• Surface area analysis (BET)
• Gas chromatography
• Mass spectrometry

We analyse the entire chain, from renewable resources to the utilisation of residual materials.

Working on a laboratory scale, we build and test innovative plants to optimise the process of combined heat and power generation using wood biomass, focusing particularly on the gasification and pyrolysis processes. Process simulations are carried out using thermodynamic, kinetic and fluid dynamic models. The researchers offer companies scientific support for the design, planning and optimisation of pilot and demo plants for cogeneration systems based on wood biomass. The focus is on the recycling concept of the circular economy. By installing innovative absorbers and catalysts, special attention is paid to efficient filter systems and the recycling of process waste.

Our methods are based on national and European standards.

The researchers also offer advice on the development and technical optimisation of full-scale biomass combined heat and power plants through monitoring and on-site diagnostics. In doing so, they draw on the methods for characterising energetic and ecological performance provided by national and European standards. They analyse mass flows, the quality of the fuel input, the generation of useful energy and the by-products generated by the process. The advantage for you? You can set aside the actual state and test a future scenario: we calculate and verify how much energy you can save with new ideas.

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