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Accelerated Life Testing Lab

How long do products last? We simulate their lifecycle. 

This is NOI’s laboratory for accelerated life testing

The Accelerated Life Testing Lab’s climate chamber (measuring 1.3x1.5x2.2 m) simulates accelerated lifecycles of industrial products, such as photovoltaic modules, synthetic materials and electronic components, to assess how their performance degrades over the course of their service life. The Angelantoni PV4500 climate chamber contains humidification, cooling, heating and dehumidification systems. Thus, the tested article can be exposed to complex and controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

We simulate the environmental conditions that accelerate the ageing process of plants. 

Ten standard-sized photovoltaic modules can be tested simultaneously in the laboratory. All tests comply with international standards IEC 61215 (for crystalline silicon-based modules) and IEC 61646 (for thin-film modules). They simulate the environmental conditions to which photovoltaic systems are exposed over the course of their useful life and which accelerate the natural ageing process of the systems.

Do you want to perform accredited testing activities? Find out more about Eurac Research's Accelerated Life Testing Lab here.

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