What the lab researches

Human-Centered Technologies and Machine Intelligence Lab

Our artificial intelligence is always human-centred.

AI, robotics and human-system interaction: our approach is innovative and ethical.

Our Human-Centred Technologies and Machine Intelligence Lab researches methods and develops Embodied Artificial Intelligence technologies. This highly innovative field can either act autonomously or interact with humans.
Embodied Artificial Intelligence not only enables intelligent decisions based on sensor information and context but also allows them to be translated into actions by a physical body. Our research team develops innovative and ethical solutions that link artificial intelligence, robotics, automation and human-system interaction.

Your advantage

We design task and action systems, factoring in world models and human models, and evaluate the results. You decide how much autonomy to grant a robot.

The core tools

Tiago, Pepper, Haptic Displays, Robotic Rollator and Thrust Tube: we help you find the right 'robot personality'.

Our services

Establish the facts on the topic that is on everyone's mind: join us and get up close and personal with artificial intelligence. We take on contract research and supervise undergraduate, graduate and doctoral theses.

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Technology sector

Automotive / Automation


Free University of Bolzano-Bozen

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Direct contact: +39 0471 066 648