What the lab researches

ARENA - Area for Research and Innovative Applications

Robotics and AI: we are shaping the work teams of the future.

Digital factories and networked construction sites: we demonstrate the potential.

Innovative Applications is a central platform for future topics in digitalisation and advanced automation. Our experts develop customised solutions for the role of humans in semi-autonomous systems, the efficient use of collaborative and mobile robotics, artificial intelligence in production, and modular or reconfigurable assistance and robotics systems.
We use concrete models to show how technology is changing the world of work. Including the potential and the challenges of the smart digital factories and networked building sites of the future.

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Your advantage

We get the best out of machines on building sites and in factories: precision and speed. So that your employees are free for more complex tasks.

The core tools

BIM Simulation Lab, Advanced Robotics, reconfigurable systems for sustainable production processes, decentralised process control: take your pick.

Our services

Mobile and collaborative robot assistance for SMEs: we develop tech demos for local businesses and organisations.

Explore & learn

Technology sector

Automotive / Automation



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