Smart region – digital technologies for an improved quality of life

Big Data, Internet of Things, but also LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network), Beacon or 5G: The increasing digitalisation of products and processes poses new challenges for companies. Here you can test the latest digital technologies and develop state-of-the-art software systems. With over 3,500 beacons, South Tyrol, for example, has the first "open" public infrastructure in Italy for IoT and other research and development applications. Another highlight of our territory is the know-how on open source technologies (Open Standard, Open Data and free open source software) and Open Data Hub, a huge database on local tourism and mobility, the code which is currently used to monitor traffic, parking and public transport in various experimental applications. Several local IT companies, also thanks to our support, are conducting research on sensors monitoring the conditions of the roads, traffic and environmental circumstances, or are developing new products within the context of the so-called shared mobility and self-propelled vehicles. Our start-up companies in this sector focus on Blockchain and Smart Cities.