Technology sector


This is what we are tackling.

Becoming carbon neutral. We develop technology solutions and know-how for the energy revolution.

Energy Systems 

Decarbonisation means investing in technology and transforming business models. At NOI, we work on whole-system solutions. To achieve this, we first connect energy sources to each other and then to end-user systems in buildings, transport and industry. Instead of making isolated energy flows more efficient, we optimise the energy system as a whole.

Head of Unit
Stefano Dal Savio

Sustainable Buildings & Districts

Climate-neutral building and renovation. Everything revolves around three core areas: the environment, buildings and people. At NOI, we research the construction of the future. We test renewable energy systems, new building processes and recyclable components. We consider the environmental context of building sites. We focus on the lived experience. The challenge: carbon-neutral urban areas.

Head of Unit
Stefano Dal Savio

Water Technologies

The water reservoirs in the mountains are shrinking. Modern water management is conceived and planned as an integrated water cycle. At NOI, we explore opportunities and develop solutions to conserve, monitor and improve the quantity and quality of water resources. This includes returning wastewater to the environment cleanly and safely.

Subject Matter Expert | Water Technologies
David di Pauli