There is a way out of the current climate crisis: becoming CO₂-neutral. At NOI we put all our efforts to use energy and resources as best as possible, both in the civil as well as in the industrial sector. NOI is part of the South Tyrolean ecosystem that is dedicated to innovative and green technologies: together we research and develop solutions to drive the energy transition. To do so we bring know-how from all over the world to South Tyrol. This results in marketable products and new business models. Our goal: to be at the forefront of energy transition, in research, development and application.​

Companies, start-ups, research institutes and tech transfer experts are working on three key issues: energy systems, sustainable buildings & districts and water technologies.​


Decarbonisation means investing in technologies and converting business models. Away from individual energy flows to system solutions. At the South Tyrol Green innovation ecosystem, we are developing forward-looking technologies, and at the same time we are working on integrating existing and new technologies in systems. The various energy carriers – electricity, heating, cooling, gas, solid and fluid fuels – are first connected with each other and then with the end user systems, e.g. in buildings, traffic and industry. The advantage? Instead of considering individual energy flows separately, their efficiency is increased and the overall energy system is optimised by adopting a holistic approach. Energy systems of the future are distinguished by three criteria: ​

  • Clean electric and thermal energy directly from renewable resources for industry, buildings and traffic.​
  • An efficient, circular system where waste energy is captured and reused.​
  • Alternative sustainable fuels for energy-intensive business sectors such as heavy industries and transport.



Climate-neutral construction and renovation is an enormous challenge. Everything revolves around three core elements: environment, buildings, people. Future-proof and sustainable construction means constructing buildings in harmony with nature, while focusing on the well-being of its occupants and taking the environmental context into account. This means that:​

  • In the planning phase , focus is placed on volumes, shape, orientation, materials, ambience, construction time. According to the principle of stressing nature, environment and people as little as possible while maximising their value.​
  • The entire life cycle must be taken into consideration, from construction and renovation up to the demolition of an object.​
  • The principles of the circular economy are applied for the entire life cycle of the building. ​
  • At NOI we achieve important prerequisites. We research how the buildings of the future should be. We test renewable energy systems, innovative construction techniques and recyclable building elements. We develop technologies and processes to minimise our impact on nature. We confront the burning issues of our time: far-reaching energy renovation, net zero/positive energy building, green materials, prefabricated construction, digitalisation of construction processes and organisation of the construction and living as a circular economy. Climate-neutral buildings are the beginning, the huge task for the future is to construct CO₂-neutral districts.



Modern water management will be designed and planned as an integrated water cycle. At NOI we are researching opportunities and developing solutions to not only keep water use as low as possible, but also to maintain, monitor and improve the quality of water resources. This includes returning wastewater cleanly and safely into the environment. ​

The areas of our research range from the multiple use of water, its reclamation and reuse to new micropollutants and forecasting and defending against extreme events such as droughts and flooding.



We work across sectors. Companies profit from the cross-sectoral knowledge at NOI. The Institute for Renewable Energy of Eurac Research is distinguished in Europe by its scientific know-how in the areas of heat pumps, photovoltaics, façades, buildings and urban and regional energy systems. Researchers at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano are focusing on the topics of biomass, construction materials, building-system-environment interaction, ventilation, hydropower and water management. In addition to this know-how, we offer companies a comprehensive research structure: 12 laboratories are available for R&D and innovation projects concerning our green key issues. Researchers and experts work there on solutions for the energy transition​.