Sustainable South Tyrol – renewable energies and energy efficiency

The technology field Green brings together research and development in the fields of renewable energies and energy efficiency and acts as a link between companies and certification institutions as well as research institutions which are working in this sector.

As a "Green Region" of Italy, South Tyrol is an economic model region with a special awareness of ecology and sustainability. For years, the region has covered the majority of its own energy needs with "green energy". The goal is to obtain more than 90 percent of its required energy from renewable sources by 2050.

The Institute for Renewable Energy at Eurac Research represents a strong local research partner. Eight laboratories and test rigs are devoted to solar energy, multifunctional façades and sustainable heating and cooling systems. Here, companies and researchers can simulate the aging process of photovoltaic modules, test building components for their energetic qualities and develop new systems that heat or cool with the help of the sun. The Agency for Energy South Tyrol ‑ KlimaHaus / CasaClima is also located in NOI Techpark. It is recognised as a centre of excellence for energy-efficient and sustainable construction and renovation, and carries out building certifications and assessments of buildings and construction products according to energy-related and environmentally relevant quality criteria.

In addition to these two major research institutions, we provide a network of national and international contacts in NOI Techpark and support companies in finding partners and setting up networking. Through events, workshops and seminars, we raise awareness in companies in South Tyrol of the topics of energy efficiency and sustainability and introduce them to the latest technologies in these areas. As a partner of research and development projects, we are also able to offer the necessary know-how to carry out such projects successfully.