We enable partnerships and offer know-how
We offer support and networking in our technology sectors: Green, Food & Health, Digital, Automotive & Automation.

Our core competences lie in the technology sectors: Green, Food & Health, Digital, Automotive & Automation. In these areas, we offer companies and research institutions specialised consultancy, networking, R&D project support, and theme-based events and workshops.

A meeting place for entrepreneurs, researchers and technical experts, and we use it to support networking and the creation of opportunities for cooperation. We analyse the needs of the client, identify interested partners, select those most appropriate and contact them to check their interest in working cooperatively with the proposed partners. Subsequently, the selected contacts are passed on to the customer and, if required, B2B (business-to-business) meetings are organised or collaboration is initiated directly.

Consultation and support in research and development projects in the five technology fields of green, alpine, food, digital and automotive & automation is one of our core competences. We offer support in design, project planning, search for cooperation partners, access to funding and project support. A broad local and international network of experts who can be involved as research partners or project partners or as service providers is available to companies here.

The acquisition of knowledge, new trends and technologies – all this is absolutely essential for researchers and developers, as it is for innovative companies and start-ups. We organise information events, seminars, workshops, study trips etc. to enable companies to have the necessary access to current topics and the latest findings. At the same time, we establish contact with experts and potential cooperation partners. The aim of our programmes is ultimately the transfer of know-how and the establishment of a network in which the impulse for finding out about trends and the application of new technologies is passed on to others.