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Develop digital solutions based on real data.

We help you develop digital solutions based on real data. 

Open Data Hub is the cross-border digital platform that helps start-ups, companies and research institutes to develop digital solutions based on real data. It connects data from different data providers and makes this data easily available for data consumers. 

The main objective of the Open Data Hub is to enable the development of digital solutions based on real data by expanding the collection and exchange of data at European level, working in the Data Spaces: Mobility, Tourism and Agriculture. 

The global ICT marketplace is increasingly looking for data to develop next generation products, services and applications. Therefore, data providers like public institutions and their technology suppliers, but also public and private companies, are increasingly under pressure to make their information assets available to drive the development of this market.

The Open Data Hub team helps you to dissolve available datasets across "data silos" through open, standard machine-readable interfaces, using the technological features of the Open Data Hub.

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Open Data Hub allows you to access updated and real-time data published under an open data licence through a single machine-readable, documented and stable channel.

We help you to interpret and use the data or you can freely access this data by following the technical documentation and examples we have created for software developers, companies developing digital products or tourism portals, research institutions, universities and start-ups developing software applications.

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How to make the best use of available data by different data providers on Open Data Hub? Our team, together with our network of experts, helps you to identify the right formats, processing algorithms, licenses and technologies to create new digital products. Forward us your specific needs, such as the IT product you are working on, and together we develop and release a demo/beta app under open source license. Or use one of the demo/beta apps we have developed as a guide and inspiration for your new digital products.

Software developers, software architects, talents, CTOs, R&D coordinators in companies can use this service to test the potential of their products and make their data visible.

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