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Do you want to conduct research or need scientific advice, analysis or evidence? We meet your specific needs and connect you to the most suitable laboratory.
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If your production facility is located in South Tyrol, get in touch with us to finance your research activity. Our Lab-Bonus covers 50% to 65% of the costs. Simply send us your request including the offer of the respective laboratory. 
Please note: the application date must always be earlier than the estimated start of the lab service.
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Maker Space & Prototyping

A realistic prototype conveys a clear and immediate idea of your product. So, if you want to test or further develop the product before investing into production, Maker Space is the right place to go. To give every idea the right shape 3D scanners, 3D printers, vinyl plotters, CNC milling cutters and many other machines can be used to work on materials such as wood, metal, textile and electronics.
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Kitchen Lab

The Kitchen Lab is a 50 m² test kitchen for companies and start-ups from the food sector. With state-of-the-art processing technologies, products can be developed here or produced for test markets. In addition to a variety of equipment, a cooking area and a workshop area, the Kitchen Lab offers a small specialist library and links for obtaining specialised equipment on a loan basis. It can be rented together with its standard equipment, food and hygiene items, while various additional services are also on offer, such as advice and support from qualified staff. The test kitchen can also be used as a venue for workshops, presentations and seminars dealing with food-related issues as well as for tasting sessions. 
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Free Software Lab

This experimental laboratory is the appropriate test environment for software developers, CIOs, and CTOs to evaluate investments in new trends and technologies. It offers premises that are equipped with the latest technologies such as LoRaWAN, Beacon or 5G and instruments such as virtual assistants, as well as, if required, the support of digital experts. In the Free Software Lab software prototypes can be developed, digital R&D projects can be prepared and new methods of software development can be tested.

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