Future Lab

Innovation needs method. The Future Lab offers companies a creative space in which they can innovate as well as deal with innovation systematically. Under the guidance and supervision of experts, clients work in the Future Lab on innovation processes within a company or department, on new ideas and on concrete product development. The exact programme and its duration are tailored to the needs of the client.

Product Innovation in 4 Days

Innovation thrives on new product ideas. With the "Product Innovation in 4 Days" service, we support companies in the creation and validation of prototypes. In a series of workshops over a total of four working days, companies gain the know-how they need, and with the experimental laboratories of NOI providing the appropriate facilities, to carry out market and customer analyses quickly and efficiently, to design product development processes and decision-making processes, to create prototypes of the physical product or of the business model and to obtain initial customer feedback from the market.

Corporate Start-up Matching

Matchmaking in the entrepreneurial sense ‑ we network established companies with innovative start-ups. Assistance in accessing suitable start-ups is undertaken in three steps that can be taken simultaneously or independently of one another:

Start-up Radar: creating an overview of the most important start-ups in a particular field of technology.

Innovation Challenge: workshop with employees of the company and 10 to 20 specially selected start-ups.

Acceleration: support and facilitation of a 4 to 6 month corporate Acceleration Programme with specially selected start-ups.

All three steps are usually handled by external partners who are selected by us based on the needs of the client.

Access to funding

Innovation projects cost money. Private financiers and public policies can fill funding gaps, but it is not always easy to know where to find the right sources. We therefore offer specific advice on EU funding that complies with the requirements of the Enterprise Europe Network platform, and we are currently developing a Venture Capital Fund to provide additional impetus for both start-ups and established companies.

Student Camps

Students are the expert workforce of tomorrow. We support South Tyrol companies in their search for young talents and network them with university students with a view to increase their competitiveness and innovative capacity. In collaboration with the “Contamination Labs” of Italian universities we offer two services:

Ideas & Projects: selection and briefing of two teams of four university students each on a new project / a complex problem /a company's planned innovation project. The eight students will be assisted by two experts who will work with them on the project or the customer's problem and present a solution within two to three months.

Recruiting: selection of 32 profiles of graduates from Italian universities, who are invited to South Tyrol for recruitment to specific jobs and will work for three days in the companies. The young academics can then be hired directly by the companies provided they meet the requirements. The Student Camp Recruiting takes place once a year for a maximum of five companies.