Areas for rent

We are constantly growing, and not just in the numbers of companies, start-ups, researchers and young talents we nurture, but also in the areas we occupy. Companies can rent these areas for office and laboratory use or for prototype and pilot tests.

Rental costs:
  • Companies – 9.00 €/m² per month for office space or 7.00 €/m² per month for laboratory space
  • Start-ups – 6.50 €/m² per month for office space or 5.00 €/m² per month for laboratory space
Incidental costs:
  • Companies - approx. 3.00 to 4.50 €/m² per month
  • Start-ups – fixed rate of 3.00 €/m² per month
  • 2.00 €/m² per month for rental areas for prototype and pilot tests

Seminar Area

A total of five seminar rooms are available to companies, associations and public bodies in NOI Techpark for events, workshops, conferences etc. All rooms have fast internet access and a projection screen or monitor, and for the most part can have individual seating arrangements. In addition, the booking of presentation materials such as flip charts etc. is possible, if these are not already provided as part of the equipment. The two large seminar rooms are divided by a mobile wall. They can either be booked separately (to accommodate 150 or 250 people) or as a single room with a seating capacity of up to 450 people. The three smaller seminar rooms can each offer space for 40 or 60 people.

Book a seminar room