NOI - Nature of Innovation

South Tyrol’s technology park connects companies, researchers and students so that innovation can thrive.

In the research areas Alpine Technology, Green Technology, Food Technology and Automation, today’s bright minds are creating the ideas of tomorrow. A business incubator for start-ups, workplaces and laboratories, catering services and cultural offers: Located on the grounds of a former aluminium plant, NOI Techpark is a great working and living environment.


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Construction site visits

Something new is in the making and you can watch it grow.

Watch the NOI Techpark being built. Experts and school classes can visit the construction site of NOI Techpark..

Here you can book your guided tour for experts:

Here you can book your guided tour for schools:

You want more information about NOI Techpark? Please contact:


Curious? Discover South Tyrol's new technology park at the NOI Infopoint.



NOI Infopoint

Via A. Volta, 9

39100 Bolzano


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.


Curious about NOI? Click our building lot webcam!