Quality and regional produce – research in the food sector

The apple is the most profitable product of South Tyrol, while wine, “speck” (bacon) and mountain milk products have long been economic flagship products.

In short, high-quality regional food produce typifies the food industry in South Tyrol. Accordingly, researchers and companies in NOI Techpark develop products made from regional raw materials as well as processes for enhancing South Tyrol quality foods, such as wine, milk and fruit, as well as bakery goods and meat products.

In the food laboratories of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and of the Research Centre Laimburg, which are located in NOI Techpark, quality and regional produce are of paramount importance. The thematic priorities are to perform better quality controls by using chemical food analysis and to determine the origin of ingredients and raw materials by employing isotope analysis. Another core element of the research work is the improvement of production processes. To this purpose, food companies can recreate their processing chains in the laboratory and optimise each small step in the production. In addition to the scientific laboratories, there is also an experimental lab for food prototyping amongst other matters. in NOI Techpark. In the Kitchen Lab, a 50 m² experimental kitchen, entrepreneurs, producers and start-ups can work on new product ideas in the food sector and fine tune processing and preservation methods , To complement this there are regular workshops and seminars on current issues.

With our know-how and the available research facilities, we are able to promote the economic development of the South Tyrol food industry and, with this in mind, to network all stakeholders along the value-added chain: from primary agricultural production through processing to trade and gastronomy. Innovative products, processes and services are developed in individual consultation sessions and thematic working groups. Key aspects of this activity are success-related aspects such as technology and consumer trends, market potential, positioning and product quality..