Laboratory for the development of electronic sensor systems

The Sensor System Technologies Lab develops autonomous electronic sensor systems for a wide range of applications. The research focuses on the following four subject areas:

a) new printing techniques on unconventional substrates:
Production of conductive inks based on nanostructured materials. Development of various printing techniques. Functionalisation of substrates.

b) design, manufacture and characterisation of sensors:
Simulation and planning of chemical, physical and biological sensors. Production of these sensors using the techniques developed in (a). Electrical, optical and mechanical characterisation of printed films. Characterisation of sensors.

c) components for energy production:
Identification of the most appropriate power generation technologies for the different types of sensors. Development of photoactive, thermoelectric, piezoelectric and pyroelectric materials. Implementation of organic solar cells, piezoelectric and pyroelectric components. Implementation of thermocouples. Implementation of energy storage systems (supercapacitors and flexible batteries). Characterisation of components.

d) sensor networks:
Examination of communication protocols. Development of a network of sensors.

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