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Formaldehyde and similar in building materials. Nothing escapes us.

How do volatile organic compounds (VOCs) influence air quality?

This laboratory measures emissions of formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in building materials. Under controlled temperature and humidity conditions, we assess whether VOCs can be reduced. In addition, our research team tests and calibrates sensors that measure indoor air quality. The objectives: minimising measurement uncertainty and providing high-quality data.

What we test: furniture, wallpaper, adhesives, paints and insulation materials.

The laboratory has two test chambers (6m³ and 1m³). Both have been certified according to the most important standards for measuring emissions of volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde (EN 717-1, ISO16000-9, EN 16516, ASTM D5116, etc.). The chambers test furniture as well as building materials in various sizes, including plywood, wallpaper, adhesives, textiles, flooring, insulation, wall panels, paints and coatings.
The test chambers are hermetically sealed and thermally insulated. The temperature can be adjusted between 23°C and 65°C in the small chamber of 1m³, and between 23°C and 50°C in the 6m³ chamber. The relative humidity (RH) can be controlled to any value between the RH of the incoming air and 80% RH at 23°C. The chamber air velocity can also be adjusted according to the test requirements.

Everything in real-time: emission tests, decay tests and sensor tests.

The main tests that can be carried out in the laboratory are emission, decay, sensor and calibration tests. During the tests, it is possible to measure formaldehyde in real time and perform offline VOC measurements.
We offer companies the following volatile organic compound and formaldehyde emission tests in both test chambers:
• Measuring volatile organic compound emissions from building materials.
• Measuring formaldehyde emissions from building materials
• Indoor air quality assessment
• Sensor testing and calibration
• Emission testing according to standard requirements

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