What the lab researches

Façade System Interactions Lab

Our goal: marketable building envelopes

In the open-air laboratory, we investigate the interaction between façade systems and indoor climate.

We test the reliability of building envelopes’ systems and components under realistic conditions to ensure the resulting products are suitable for the market. More specifically, the laboratory examines the energy performance of façade and panel heating systems under real and dynamic conditions. It recreates true-to-scale living and working spaces and thus makes it possible to specifically evaluate the effect of façade and panel heating systems on the indoor climate.

Tests from every angle: the laboratory on a rotating platform

The laboratory is located outdoors. It consists of a test chamber (approx. 8x8x3m) mounted on a rotating platform. This allows any building orientation to be recreated.
• The building envelope can accommodate test objects from active or adaptive multifunctional façades.
• Inside, the room is divided into two modules of approx. 8x4x3m each, with a double floor and a suspended ceiling, which can be equipped with panel heating elements.
• The operating temperature can be regulated individually.
• The interiors can be furnished and, should the test so require, also accommodate people.

Control – outside and in. We measure the function of façades and interiors.

An integrated control system enables the detailed functional monitoring of various technical solutions. Our research team checks the thermal, energy and thermo-hygrometric properties of the façades. The indoor climate, meanwhile, is assessed using thermo-hygrometric, optical and air quality measurements.

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