Experimental kitchen for product development in the food sector

The Kitchen Lab is an experimental laboratory for prototyping in the food industry. It is a 50 m² experimental kitchen in which products can be developed or produced for test markets using state-of-the-art processing technologies. In addition to a variety of equipment, a cooking area and a workshop area, it offers a small specialist library and links for obtaining specialised equipment on a loan basis.

The Kitchen Lab can be officially approved as a food processing area. Provided that those involved are able to show that they have the necessary professional qualifications and that all requirements are met, small batches can be produced for testing on the market. An additional service is the involvement of experts from the experimental food sector who can accompany and advise companies at every stage of product development.

A basic set of equipment facilitates all the classic kitchen techniques such as cooking, baking, chopping, cooling, vacuum packing, drying, sous-vide cooking and fermentation. In addition, a range of devices are available to develop innovative products, such as an autoclave, a 3D food printer, a vacuum mixer or a smoking chamber.

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