Founders of start-up companies are supported here in product development and in setting up a competitive company and are assisted by targeted measures.

Start-up list

The start-up develops, produces and markets 3D printers that work with plastic granulate. 

moritz [at]

Aigritec is developing a new generation of precision farming, thanks to advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. 

elia.bruni [at]

Alvus works in the field of renewable energies, the anaerobic fermentation: biodegradable biomass is converted in a biological process into a gas consisting of metane and carbon dioxide, the so-called biogas, which is then converted into electricity or methane.

info [at]

Animeshon is the first platform economy for Japanese multimedia content, which is based on fair trading. 

hello [at]

Thanks to its Patented Technology, Biologik-Systems is amongst the pioneers of compost heat recovery systems, offering solutions that provides, through an annual cycle, the production of continuous and bacterial heat and to obtain an organic fertilizer from biomass waste.

info [at]

Blue Biesse is developing a high-tech ski.

Bluetentacles is active in the field of automated irrigation. By using software and hardware solutions, soils will only be irrigated when there is an actual need. In this way, water and energy can be saved.

The start-up offers a range of engineering services, from numerical FEM simulations to the automation of the design workflow. Their first own product is WeStatiX, a cloud-based web platform that allows to create of any 3D model and structural analysis directly in a browser of your choice.   

massimo [at]

Care4U’s objective is to develop digital products and services for the inpatient care area.

info [at]

Catch&Solve developed a platform which enables to identify, analyse and solve problems within applications (apps) and websites.

info [at]

Chap SDK is a customised advertising platform offering marketing services to companies (websites and applications) that wish to reach their customers at the right moment, at the right time and in the right place with the right communication.

Chatfit is an HR service created to enhance synergies among colleagues at work, as the lack on social relations can be compared to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Chatfit increases employees wellbeing and strengthens the community through a simply application, where colleagues meet to do sports and fitness courses together. This way, sedentary habits are reduced by providing physical activity as opportunity and benefit at work to improve the quality of life of each employee. 

Devcom Pro deals with the development, production and marketing of two innovative systems for personnel management and project planning.

alexander.rainer [at]

Ecosteer is an IoT and Blockchain startup and its software allows data streams monetisation in compliance with privacy laws: data owners have full control over who accesses their data, directly managing the grant and the revoke to use it.

E-Powertrac develops, builds and markets battery-powered utility vehicles and transport equipment.

martin.margesin [at]

Goodify is the first social marketing platform that aims to unite thousands of businesses with non-profits, to enable millions of consumers to support their favourite causes without spending more than what they purchased.

HiWeiss has developed a method for extracting protein from grain, soya and maize (corn) which can be used as a natural food supplement and thus replace chemical products.

Leitalpin Forsttechnik is working on the development of an electric cableway for timber harvesting in steep terrain.

leitner [at]

Limendo supports companies in their digital transformation. Using the Limendo Menu product, a digital menu, processes in the catering industry are optimised and customer preferences are highlighted.

LUNE develops a reusable candle, which can be refilled with liquid wax. This reduces plastic and wax waste in cemeteries.  

info [at]

NATURALSALUS develops, produces and markets exclusive bio-phytotherapeutic products and products from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

ODISolutions develops and sells sensors, control devices and software to manage and evaluate automatised irrigation systems, within the smart irrigation market.

manuel.vieider [at]

Ontopic is the first spin-off of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and has developed a software package that enables data stored in heterogeneous, incompletely documented data sources to be accessed.

PGUM is a software company which develops solutions for network management, log management and IT service management.


Sanai Systems develops an automatic thermo scanner which - linked to an app and a dashboard - records the body's temperature of a person and, based on the result, grants or denies entry to companies and educational institutions.

patrik [at]

Truckscreenia is a software and hardware company with a strong focus on data and AI. It operates in the Smart Mobility sector. Its first project brings geo-referenced digital communication on roads, through devices installed on the back of trucks, vans and buses, that acquire data and transmit, advertising and public utility messages in real time.   

info [at]


Start-ups will find here in NOI Techpark one of the most modern business incubators in Europe. Covering an area of 1,200 square metres, this is the place for start-ups to fine tune their product ideas and shape their business model. New ideas are being created here within a network of researchers, students, entrepreneurs and other start-ups, and projects are being developed into market-ready products and services. Numerous events bring the community together and encourage the exchange of ideas.

We are able to add new start-ups to our start-up incubator several times a year. Our goal is not to support as many start-ups as possible, but to take in and assist those who are pressing ahead with forward-looking projects and who have a good chance of entering the market and remaining permanently in the marketplace. To do this we evaluate the team (competences, entrepreneurial spirit, goals and aspiration for growth), the business idea (degree of innovation, uniqueness of what is being proposed, status), the market potential (market size, competition, obstacles, scalability of the business idea) and the financing strategy. Please note: we will only take on start-ups whose registered office and operational headquarters are in South Tyrol.

In our Start-up Incubator we support the process of product development and the development of a competitive company through workshops, seminars and individual training sessions. We set up contacts with potential strategic partners and facilitate access to finance. In the existing infrastructure of office spaces, co-working spaces, scientific and experimental laboratories, the start-ups also have enough opportunity to develop themselves and their own ideas.

Services for founders and start-ups
Pre-Incubation Program

The Pre-incubation programme is aimed at all those who have an innovative business idea and wish to set up a start-up company. The teams are supported for six months in planning and building their start-ups.


Pre-Incubation Grant

This support program, which is offered in cooperation with the Autonomous Province of Bozen-Bolzano and the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, is aimed at people with a business idea who want to set up their own start-up company. Every year there is a bidding process in which the recipients of the start-up founder’s bursary are selected.


Call 4 Start-ups

Partecipa alla call per entrare a far parte del nostro incubatore. Stiamo cercando le migliori start-up dell’Alto Adige.

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