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Ancient DNA Lab

How did diseases evolve? Ancient DNA can tell us.

Genome analysis of human remains: gathering knowledge from history for the solutions of the future.

The combination of archaeology, physical anthropology and molecular biology makes it possible for this laboratory to perform genome analysis on ancient human remains. Our research team specialises in extracting and analysing ancient DNA in a degraded state. The researchers aim to gather information on the genetics and history of past populations and study the development of ancient pathologies.

A separate lab space for ancient DNA: this helps prevent cross-contamination.

Ancient DNA is often in a degraded state. Therefore, this laboratory has special procedures for sample handling, as well as for DNA extraction and analysis. Sample preparation, DNA extraction and library preparation for rapid sequencing (high-throughput sequencing) of ancient DNA take place in a separate laboratory room. The subsequent molecular and histological analyses are carried out in a separate post-PCR area. This helps prevent cross-contamination.

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