Bolzano Slush'D


Beyond Boundaries - scaling new heights in the Italian startup ecosystem

This is the motto of BolzanoSlush'D, the first Slush'D event in Italy.
Behind this vision there is the intent to foster the development of the Italian innovation ecosystem and its enormous potential!
The event aims to reinforce the connection with key stakeholders from other ecosystems around Europe and beyond.

BolzanoSlush'd is meant for all who are innovators at heart:
- STARTUP founders and teams
- INVESTORS (Business Angels, VC, CVC, Family Offices, LP)
- COMPANIES (Business owners, C-Level executives, Innovation Managers, and government institutions)
- FUTURE ENTREPRENEURS (Talents, students, alumni or anyone interested in starting their own venture)

This is a key opportunity for the Italian ecosystem, as Bolzano Slush’D is the first example of an event that is large-scale yet intimate enough to be truly founder-centric, connecting the investors and incumbents to the teams that are championing innovation in Italy.

The verticals and focus areas of the event this year will be focused on what’s relevant not only for the ecosystem at large, but also for the South Tyrol region:
- Digital & Automation
- Sports & MountainTech
- Food & Agtech
- Climate & Green Tech

The full program with speakers, list of exhibitors, and event map will be uploaded soon.
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Here you can find various documents about the event. Have fun!

Quick Infos

10:00 - 19:00
NOI Bozen-Bolzano | Seminar Area
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