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Solare PV Lab

How do photovoltaic modules respond to sunlight? We know.

We test whether the manufacturer’s guaranteed standards of performance correspond to reality.

We use a solar simulator to measure the electrical output of photovoltaic modules and systems. In the tests, we compare different technologies under constant and controllable conditions and check the manufacturer’s guaranteed standards of performance. Our flash solar simulator (class ‘AAA’ according to international standard IEC 60904-9) is equipped with a temperature control system, so the test conditions can be kept constant, and accurately reproduces the sun’s light spectrum. This enables us to accurately measure the I-V curve of a photovoltaic module under standard conditions (according to IEC 61215 and 61646). We test the module’s performance under different irradiation (0-1000 W/m2) and temperature conditions (5-75°C) and determine the module’s temperature coefficient.

One advantage: optimised measuring during service life tests in the climate chamber.

To expand the test capabilities for photovoltaic modules, the solar simulator results can be combined with accelerated service life tests in a climate chamber. The climate chamber (1.3x1.5x2.2m) simulates the environmental conditions to which a photovoltaic module is exposed during its useful life and which accelerate the natural ageing process. This makes it possible to accurately determine performance loss as the module’s service life increases. The test cycles use a wide variety of temperature and humidity combinations. The climate chamber can accommodate up to ten standard photovoltaic modules per test series.

Do you want to perform accredited testing activities? Find out more about Eurac Research's Solare PV Lab here.

Your advantage

We test both outside and in the laboratory and have an extensive international network. Our test results are a guarantee: can a manufacturer be trusted – or not?

The key tool

Our flash solar simulator reproduces the entire spectrum of sunlight.

Our services

Do you want to know how quickly a system ages? We simulate this process so that you can make the right decisions when planning, buying and installing.

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