Co-founder Agri-Tech Company



The position of Cofounder at PlantVoice requires a background in agronomy and a focus on innovation in the agricultural sector. The role involves overseeing agronomic operations, developing sustainable strategies and working with the leadership team to define the vision and long-term growth of the company. The ideal candidate should integrate agronomic knowledge with entrepreneurial skills to drive PlantVoice's success and sustainability.

Job description

(Two to three sentences about the unit and the team)

The candidate would supervise data analysis, correlating in-formation with agronomic parameters, in order to optimise agri-cultural practices. Furthermore, he/she would manage relations with client farms, participate in trade fairs, coordinate field installations and lead R&D projects within the framework of calls for tenders.


(list the main tasks)

  • R&D Plantvoice technology

  • Data analysis and correlation with agronomic parameters

  • Relationship with client farms

  • Participation in trade fairs

  • Field installations

  • R&D projects in calls for tenders


  • Degree in agronomy or plant physiology or related degrees

  • Experience in research (e.g. research grants or experimental theses) is a plus

  • Agronomic and/or plant physiology skills

  • Data analysis skills

  • Skills in technology and sensor technology 4.0 are a plus

  • Flexibility and versatility

  • Optimism

  • Deep curiosity

  • Humility and willingness to grow

  • Empathy and ability to relate constructively with others

  • Motivation and enthusiasm

Languages: Italian, English. German is a plus

We offer:

  • Work for equity

  • Company shares

  • Key role in the plantvoice team, as a reference in the agronomic field

  • Specific training in innovative sensor technology

  • Specific training in data analysis

  • Experience in customer interface

  • Experience in trade fair participation

  • Experience in extra-Italian and extra-European collaborations

  • Experience in research and development projects

  • Experience in Italian and European tenders

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