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Do you have an innovative business idea or an exciting new product in the works? Become a part of the NOI Community.

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Questions? E-mail us!

Questions? E-mail us!
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Let’s get started!

Four projects will be accepted into our Inventors & Pre-Incubation Programme. If your idea is selected, we will support you in developing your business or product idea for four months free of charge. In concrete terms, this means: 

Together, we work on every single aspect of your business idea. Company builders and makers, coaches, mentors and entrepreneurs from our network will be by your side throughout this journey. We also arrange contacts to build strategic partnerships. And we will help you find the right financing options and funding. From market and feasibility analysis and development of a business model to corporate identity, a website, and presentations to potential investment partners: there is a lot to do in just four months! We will tackle everything together. 

We support you in developing your product idea. Young inventors have access to the equipment and experts in our Maker Space. We offer you your own Project Space, so you have room to develop your inventions. We organise software development workshops, and our Maker Space provides the equipment and know-how for your first hardware MVP. Now it is your turn: roll up your sleeves, tinker and experiment, develop your first prototypes – and test them! Questions, doubts, obstacles? The experts in our Maker Space are available to offer insights and guidance. 

Ideas often blur the lines between categories, making them hard to pigeonhole. During the application and selection process, we will work together to discover what your path with us could look like and how we can best support you.

At the end of your four months at NOI, you will receive a detailed SWOT analysis and suggestions for your next steps. During our Demo Day,you will present your results – and have the opportunity to secure valuable benefits that will take your project further, such as six months of free support in our Start-Up Incubator, patent law advice or a free one-year membership of our Maker Space.


What we value

We take a close look at your team, your idea and its potential. Who are you, and what have you done so far? What is the composition of your team? Is your business idea feasible? How much time can you devote to developing your product idea? And what about its technical maturity? Is there a market for your product or business? If so, how big is it? And who is your target group? What (technical) skills do you bring to the table? Do you plan to start a business in South Tyrol? 

As you can see, we have a lot of questions. Your answers will help us to put together a roadmap tailored to your individual needs. 

Eligibility criteria
You have an idea but have not founded a company yet. You can apply: 

  • solo or in a team

  • if you reside in South Tyrol. 

  • if you research, teach or study at the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano. 

  • if you work as a scientist in a South Tyrolean research institute.

  • if you are employed in South Tyrol. 


After submitting your application, this is what happens: 


After the application deadline, we meticulously review all the projects we have received. Out of these, ten applications make it to the next round. 


Next is a three-day workshop here at NOI: together with experts, you carry out an all-round assessment of your business or product idea, optimise and refine it, and work out future and risk scenarios. Together, you create a roadmap for validation.


At the end of the three-day workshop, you present your roadmap. And then – drum roll! – the decision is made: our jury selects four winning ideas. Have you made the cut? Welcome to the Inventors & Pre-Incubation Programme 2024! For four months, you can hone your idea, take advantage of coaching sessions, exchange thoughts with experts and mentors, and tinker in our Maker Space. We cannot wait to embark on this journey with you! 


Questions? Get in touch: