Recognised centre of excellence for energy-efficient and sustainable construction and renovation in South Tyrol 

The Agency for Energy South Tyrol - KlimaHaus / Casa Clima is an incorporated agency of the Autonomous Province of Bozen-Bolzano. It is regarded as a recognised centre of excellence for energy-efficient and sustainable construction and renovation in South Tyrol, but also beyond the borders of the province. The entire agency with its 35 employees is located in NOI Techpark.

The main focus of its activities is building certification and the rating of buildings and construction products according to energy and environmental quality criteria. The agency also offers a comprehensive education and training scheme for all actors involved in the construction industry. Specially developed programmes monitor and support companies and communities on their way to greater energy efficiency and sustainability. For example, with the KlimaFactory initiative, the agency wishes to help small and medium-sized enterprises unlock the energy saving potential that lies dormant in production and trade.

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