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4.11.2118:30 - 20:00

The Go Programming Language | Daniel Morandini, KIM Keep in Mind

Go is a new programing language designed by Google. The development started in 2007, it was announced in 2009 and first released in 2012. But only in the last years it became used more frequently by developers. A session introducing you to this programming language including use cases by the software developer Daniel Morandini. He currently works for Keep in Mind and has experience with design, integration, testing, development and deployment of applications and backend architectures. He mainly writes in Go and Elixir, and used to be a iOS developer so he is also efficient in Objective-C and Swift. In the end, there is time for your most burning questions.

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4.11.2118:30 - 20:00
4.11.2118:30 - 20:00