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6.04.2318:30 - 20:00

Participatory tourism destination promotion exploiting interactive experiences, gamification, and the Internet of Things
Adriano Venturini - Suggesto

Hey – it is time for the next Software Developer’s Thursday. This time with Adriano Venturini, a manager and co-founder of Suggesto Srl, a company specialising in web and mobile technologies for destinations and tourism organisations.

The talk will introduce a hardware and software platform, developed as part of the NOIS Plus Project implemented for the Municipality of Silanus (NU). It enables public and private tourism organisations to independently create, without having specialised technical skills, immersive and sensory interactive experiences, by using the latest technologies on the Internet of Things, gamification, and virtual reality.

This session will be held at our space NOISE.

Register >> https://pretix.eu/noi-digital/sdt/3722664/ & see you there.

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6.04.2318:30 - 20:00
6.04.2318:30 - 20:00