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9.06.2218:30 - 20:00
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Tracking climbers using stereo cameras

Hey – it’s time for the next Software Developer’s Thursday. In the June session we are exploring the use of sensors in climbing activities.

The speaker Ralf Pardatscher is currently a student at TFO Bozen and is helping the University of Bozen-Bolzano's faculty of informatics in one of their projects named “Sensors and data for the analysis of sports activities” (in short SALSA). Within this project, the activity of climbers is examined as if they are falling, climbing, or simply taking a break. In addition, the application shall also measure the duration to finish a specific route. And to determine such duration, the stereo camera ZED 2, by the manufacturer Stereo Labs, has been utilised. With its body tracking, object detection, and depth-sensing features the relative coordinates and speed of a climber's body could have been well monitored and tracked.
In this talk, Ralf presents the first prototype running on the Jetson Nano, a portable computer with a GPU necessary to process the images obtained through the camera.

This time we will meet again at the space NOISE. Not sure where it is? Have a look here https://bit.ly/3zUDYFy, get in touch or ask at the Info Desk on the ground floor of the main building.

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9.06.2218:30 - 20:00
9.06.2218:30 - 20:00