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16.07.2016:00 - 17:30

Open Source Hardware is not based on competition and rivalry, but on the international cooperation of thousands of talents, makers and experts. Especially in the past months, during the COVID-19 crisis, it gained incredible momentum. People all over the world are working on innovative projects with the common goal of developing new products and solutions to successfully overcome the crisis. These developments are a source of inspiration for all those companies that see the crisis as an opportunity for change and want to rely, not only on the internal know-how of the company, but also on the creativity and competence of the network.

In this webinar, innovation expert Massimo Temporelli explains how to successfully use open source hardware in the own company to develop new products. And our 'maker' Walter Weissensteiner will discuss the potential of open source hardware in South Tyrol.

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Event date
16.07.2016:00 - 17:30
16.07.2016:00 - 17:30