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22.07.2015:00 - 16:30

Good design thrives on visions and metaphors that allow us to break into new ground. Thus, every project turns into an expedition where we know our starting point and destination. But striking new paths require the ability to quickly find solutions to unforeseen obstacles. To be flexible and organised and at the same time express creativity and make full use of your own potential. By carefully observing the society's behaviour, which is in a state of constant change, we are able to identify emerging needs and wants. Knowing this, we can develop new concepts that are more closely related to the people.
In this webinar we are going to investigate these topics and illustrate them using infographics and case studies of products designed with a new and disruptive approach. Old patterns were broken and new directions were taken to guarantee their success. A concept that has become even more important and challenging for companies, which must face the future with an open and optimistic attitude after one of the most significant crises of the last century.


Event date
22.07.2015:00 - 16:30
22.07.2015:00 - 16:30