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7.07.2015:00 - 16:30

Digitisation is introducing a new era of innovation. Not only, but especially in times of crisis, when social distancing and remote work are part of our everyday life, digital tools and techniques allow us to successfully drive innovation forward. The Internet, for example, has always been a platform for open innovation formats such as crowdsourcing or virtual customer retention. The COVID-19 crisis is now accelerating innovation management according to the priciple of "REMOTE First" - but what strategy should we pursue?
In this webinar with Johann Füller, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and CEO of "HYVE - the innovation company" we address the core issues of innovation and discuss how companies can and must react to the change in traditional market logics caused by the digital revolution. We also take a look at changing innovation landscapes like lean start-up principles, innovation labs and networking in innovation ecosystems, and the transformation towards a more agile and digital company as an entrepreneurial challenge.

Event date
7.07.2015:00 - 16:30
7.07.2015:00 - 16:30