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28.07.2015:00 - 16:30

Especially in times of crisis - when external influences damage the value proposition developed over years and the carefully maintained business model - it is best to focus on the existing success factors of one's own company: the core competencies. They determine the customer value, are company-specific, difficult to imitate and therefore particularly important for the business' competitiveness. A distinctive feature of core competencies, which stands out especially in times of change and the associated necessity for reorientation, is their transferability to new fields of application.

In this webinar, Manfred Peritsch shows us how we can use corporate competencies to discover new business opportunities. And we learn how to find competence-based solutions to the crisis by linking existing strengths and business logics with new market opportunities that arise with every (radical) change.


Event date
28.07.2015:00 - 16:30
28.07.2015:00 - 16:30